Top Dermal Fillers for Aesthetic Treatments

Top Dermal Fillers for Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic world has grown widely and the demand of aesthetic medicine has grown all over the world. Even in the stock market you can see that the shares of aesthetic products are in high demand. You can now find tons of stores that sell different sort of aesthetic medicine. Some are verified retailers and some sell it illegally. We will bring some of the most widely used dermal fillers to you today in this article and will share a verified and valuable store from where you can buy more lip fillers from here legally.

But before that let’s find out the most demanded dermal fillers that we are going to discuss today

  1. Juvederm
  2. Restylane
  3. Macrolane
  4. Perlane
  5. Teosyal


Juvederm is a well known brand for manufacturing many high quality dermal fillers that contain Hyaluronic acid to increase the volume of face and other nearby areas such as lips, cheeks etc.


Restylane is another great company marketed by Q-Med which is a British marketing company of cosmetic products. Restylane has a range of products that have different intentions such as filling cheeks, anti-aging, anti dark spots, skin rejuvenation etc.


Macrolane is recognized as a great substitute for surgical treatments. For those people who want to reshape their skin but they fear surgical treatment; Macrolane is a the best dermal filler. It helps to rejuvenate skin and plumps any desired area such as buttocks, breast and other body parts. You get lesser pain during the treatment than the surgical treatment and the effects are also instant.


Perlane is great filler for correcting wrinkles and diminishing worry lines, smile lines, marionette lines and crow’s feet. It is also great for eliminating smoker’s lines as well from face areas. Reducing nasolabial folds is another benefit of Perlane


It gives you effective and long lasting results that are completely safe. The whole range of Teosyal products is manufactured in Switzerland by Teoxane Laboratories which is distributed in UK by Lifestyle Aesthetics. It consists of monophasic hyaluronic acid which is based on non-animal origin and is very biocompatible. Patients may get immediate and long lasting results since it can absorb high hydrating up to 1000 times of its own weight in water. It is visco-elastic to maintain the elasticity of skin to form a dense and interlocking mesh.

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