Advantages and Disadvantages of Blunt Cannulas

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blunt Cannulas

The world of beauty is full of different techniques and forms that are combined with different dermal fillers to get the best ever result for the skin. This is where the actual debate of blunt cannulas and needles starts. While there are many different reasons as to which some doctors and cosmetic surgeons would use blunt cannulas there are some others who might have a different say at times too.

Hence here we have the detailed advantages and disadvantages of blunt cannulas so that you may know and decide for yourself what the best is and what is not, or which area of treatment is suitable and which is not. The different advantages and disadvantages of blunt cannula are given below

Advantages of Blunt Cannulas

  • Blunt cannula can be used for all fillers which mean they can be used in all areas with no matter what the filler is. This includes Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Perlane, Belotero etc.
  • These blunt cannulas are safer and more accurate in comparison
  • They have no virtual bruising involved when they are performed and used in the just right way described for them
  • In most of the cases, they do not need to have anything injected into the patient’s skin. This includes any blocks or anesthesia too
  • There are many multiple areas that can be treated just through one area such as a cosmetic surgeon can just use one port to augment the tear trough areas, cheeks as well as nasolabial folds too. This helps in better clarity as one part of the face can be used for multiple treatments at the same time.
  • They have very minimal swelling and discomfort for the patient in comparison because those who have tried and experienced fillers with traditional methods say that they do not ever want to go back to those methods for treatment again
  • Most of the described areas can be filled very easily with only one or two areas
  • The length of the procedure using blunt cannulas is also very reduced in comparison to others
  • This is a rather new and cold technology which is why beside the lesser pain there is also a better effect of the topical to go deeper than others and result in better results too
  • The cold technology also helps to have faster results alongside as well
  • Blunt cannulas have definitely over time proven that they are better for areas where there is more inflation
  • These micro cannulas can also be used varyingly for better, improved and smoother contouring of different areas which include the jawline, the cheeks, the chin, the tear troughs, the body of the lips or even the brows too

Disadvantages of Blunt Cannulas

  • Blunt cannulas cannot be used for the Sculptra process because in that area it is important to be placed well with the bone and the dermis which is very hard part to do with the help of blunt cannulas.

Dr. Naderi has nicely described disadvantages of cannulas — he also compared them with needles in this video. Have a look at Youtube.

Hence, now that you know the different pros and cons, you can better decide the way yourself!

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